Infectious Disease Solutions

Better Technology for Better Identification


Genomic technologies are rapidly changing the standard for identification of microbial pathogens by enabling identification of those organisms not able to be isolated by culture and by allowing characterization of complex biofilms. It is also more important than ever to be able to quickly and accurately identify organisms from a wide variety of substrates. As microbial resistance grows, so does the variety of organisms that may contribute to a poor clinical outcome. Our sequence-based solutions allow identification of bacteria, fungi and eukaryotic organisms without the need for complex PCR panels or limiting testing to a predefined group of pathogens. Data can be obtained in less than a day from sample receipt to reporting, supporting overall rapid turnaround time. Unlike existing next-generation sequencing, our solutions allow for differentiation of closely related organisms that is not possible with 16s rDNA tag sequencing and simultaneous identification of antimicrobial resistance genes


Sample to result in under a day