Our Team

Our Focus



The Blackhawk Genomics team has been directly involved in the evolution of the molecular diagnostic industry for over 20 years. We maintain strong connections with key opinion leaders and decision makers in market strategy, billing and reimbursement and the larger market landscape of this rapidly changing ecosystem. Our customers directly benefit from our strong collaborations with market leaders and fellow experts in the diagnostics industry. Many projects have been accelerated by our ability to help our clients secure project financing and provide clarity around operational costs.


Blackhawk Genomics is second to none with regard to our depth and breadth of technical capabilities. Our team is composed of some of the world’s leading experts in genomics. We are uniquely positioned to be able to implement some of the newest and most challenging molecular diagnostic technologies in our client’s laboratories. We have participated in the foundational development of some of the largest genomics facilities. Our team members serve on professional boards, study sections and as advisors to some of the world’s most well‐regarded academic, government and private entities.


We are proud to set ourselves apart from other laboratory implementation firms by providing professional dedicated, PMP‐credentialed project management. All of our laboratory setup clients benefit from project managers with specific expertise in large‐scale clinical genomics and genetic technology. In addition, we provide construction project management, coordination with general contractors and architects and other related services for our larger projects.


Our team includes CLIA program and state‐level licensure experts, including former examiners. We are recognized experts in CLIA compliance and quality management, as well as COLA and CAP accreditation standards. Many of our staff serve as CAP inspectors. Our team of laboratory directors have been designated as molecular pathology specialty inspectors and CAP Team Leaders. We are able to provide compliance expertise for bioinformatics pipelines as well as laboratory information system design and implementation at the local level and at enterprise scale.